The revenge of shinobi sega genesis

The revenge of shinobi sega genesis

It was the first Shinobi game developed for the Sega Genesis, and was later released on the coin-operated version of that console, the Mega-Tech. Alongside Shadow Dancer, the game is a sequel to Shinobi, and features an original score by Yuzo Koshiro. Taking place three years after the first game, the criminal organization Zeed from the original game has since reformed and have the revenge of shinobi sega genesis themselves «Neo Zeed». They decide to have their revenge on the Oboro Ninja clan and Joe Musashi by killing his master and kidnapping Joe’s bride.

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The game is a traditional side-scrolling platform game. The player controls Joe Musashi and must complete eight districts before the final confrontation with the head of Neo Zeed. Each district consists of three scenes, two of which are platforming levels and the third being a battle against a unique boss-character. The directional pad moves Joe around while the A, B, and C buttons are used to perform ninjitsu techniques, attack, and jump respectively.

A key move in The Revenge of Shinobi is the somersault, which maximizes Joe’s jumping height and enables him to throw eight shuriken at once in mid-air. Although his standard ability of moves and attacks, Joe has the ability to do four special ninjutsu techniques. Only one can be performed in each level, unless a ninjitsu item was picked up, or the ninjutsu of Mijin was used. A variety of bonus crates can be found in each level, some hidden in the scenery. These include simple powerups such as extra shuriken or health packs, as well as special items to gain lives or extra ninjutsu attacks. The game is divided into four difficulties. Hardest, Musashi takes twice as much damage and the amount of starting lives decreases from 10 to 1.

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